Free Public Trotro-Bus
Transit App For Ghana

Get around major cities on the local transit buses safely.
Designed for tourists and locals. Don't miss you next stop!


Safe and Reliable

Accurate trotro-bus routing for locals and tourists. Informs you where to change buses with estimated arrival times.

Detailed Bus Stops

Every Trotro bus stop on your route is displayed. Find onward connecting Trotro station for every listed stop.

Free & Easy-to-use

A user friendly and responsive app based on an open source project with a free GPLv3+ software license.

Choose Region & City

Select the region and town of interest.

Routes & Transits

Map overview to monitor your trip in real time.

Location & Destination

Specify your destination and find all possible routes and connections.

Track Journey & Stops

Don't miss a bus stop. See trip and transit details.

Who needs ghTrotro?

Who may benefit from the ghTrotro app project?